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Are we living in a Kashrut Golden Age?

We live in a world now where all our food is labeled to death with all ingredients, sources, and often hechshers to go along with it. There has never been a time when finding kosher food has been easier.

However, that’s not all I’m referring to. For the first time, the gentile world is paying as much, if not more, attention to their food. It’s perfectly normal now for people to subscribe to all sorts of diets from vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian, gluten free, lactose free, ketogenic, UPF-free, low salt, sugar free, dairy free, and probably more I’m missing. Being kosher in such a climate feels like being in a multicultural society where we are just another group. Along with the Jamaicans and Phillipinos.

In addition to the choices, I feel having a dietary restriction is more culturally accepted then ever. Anyone else discover this?

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