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Are there/were there any Jewish Bedouins?

My dad’s dad’s dad was born in Jerusalem (early late (edit: woops) 1800s. Pre-Israel.) As were his parents.

Unfortunately my grandpa died youngish so I didn’t get to ask him about this. But my dad and grandma have always described my great grandfather as “Bedouin”.

Now, keep in mind, there’s no doubt I’m Jewish and that he was Jewish. We have Ketubahs. There’s census records of him in America being described as “Hebrew”. There’s never been a doubt about his or my Jewishness. I don’t need autobot posting the tree diagram for me to figure out if I’m Jewish lol.

But the Bedouin comment always seemed interesting to me. I’m guessing they just mean that he was nomadic to some degree and they’re not using the word to mean ethnicity. Because I’ve never heard of a Jewish Bedouin before.

But that leads me to I guess another question: were/are there any Jewish groups that would have been known for being nomadic who would be born in Jerusalem in the late 1800s?

That side of my family tree is the most unknown and of course that’s always made me the most interested in it.

Any info would be appreciated.

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