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Are there things such as ‘signs’ and should you take them seriously?

So, I accepted a job offer almost a month ago. Another company I was really interested in verbally offered me a role that’s more related to my interests in a different city. However that never materialized (the person i was supposed to replace last minute decided to stay at the company). They offered to keep me up to date if someone leaves or gets promoted. Nevertheless I decided to check out the city just in case while driving cross country for my new job.

Even though I just wanted to stop over to quickly check out the city for a couple hours and chabad for shabbat, I ended up seeing 2 people that I know randomly while driving: my old boss from a virtual internship during the pandemic, and an old friend from business school who lives where my new job would be, and just happened to visit.

The chances of randomly spotting both while driving in a city of millions of people seems utterly remote. I took it as a sign to pursue jobs in that city. The following week I get an interview invite from another company in that city. Because of that omen I decided ‘fuck it, why not pursue ir’. Interviewed yesterday.

Today I got an offer from that company. The other odd coincidence is they want me to start the same day as the job I accepted a month ago.

Are omens real especially in Judaism? Was this an omen or just coincidences that I’m attributing to something not real? I don’t like the idea of negging a job unless it was a really good reason. Both are similar jobs and the one I accepted pays more by about 10k.

However, there’s more companies in the exact industry I’ve been obsessing to fix long term (which was where that role I was initially offered was). My internship and that company both regularly have higher level roles open, and this company I would be joining has a lot of respect.

Idk if I’m making sense but any insight would be great.

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