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Are there such things as "evil" numbers in gematria, or is everything contextual? I’m confused specifically about numbers 11, 2, and 9, and 8.

It seems to me that “2” is often treated like an “evil” number by some sources because of the duality of matter. What also prompted this question is the Sefer Yetzirah quote where it says G-d emanated 10 emanations, and it stresses not 11, and not 9. Other sources mention that to represent the Tree of Life with 11 or 9 spheres instead of 10 is a very very grave error, as if those numbers are evil. And interestingly, 11 adds up to 2 also. However, I’m struggling to understand what is “wrong” (so to speak) with 9, especially when KETER, the first emanation, is, I’ve been told, almost identical to “Ayin,” and the remaining emanations starting with CHOKMAH number 9. Plus 9, with Im Kollel, is 10. So why would 10 be looked at positively but not 9?

Lastly what is the true interpretation of the number 8, or 88, or 888? It seems these numbers are often associated with time. I’ve been told that 7 is a full cycle (i.e. the week), so 8 represents a full cycle + the start of a new one. But then you also read that 9 is a full cycle. Or that 10 is a full cycle containing everything in it. Or that 12 is a full cycle, and therefore 13 represents a full cycle + the start of a new one. Does that mean 7, 9, and 12 are interchangeable, and 8 and 13 are interchangeable also?

Clearly my understanding is lacking, despite the time I’ve put into reading about it, so I am requesting some help from the sub if anyone can clarify. Thank you!!!!!

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