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Are there any TV shows about modern Orthodox or conservative Jews?

Hi, I was just watching the Goldbergs and thinking about how people always talk about that being a great representation of a Jewish family. And while I love the show and agree in some ways (my mom was definitely a “smother”), I think the Goldbergs had very little to do with Judaism other than a few references to yentas. They ate shrimp and bacon, didn’t really celebrate any holidays and lived a fairly normal life. Which is fine. That’s the reality for many Jewish families. But I want to see a show with Jewish characters that act Jewish. Whenever there is a Jewish main character on TV, they are either not religious at all and only mention it when it’s the punchline of a joke or they’re ultra orthodox and it’s an expose on their communities which makes them look bad.

Are there any shows with Jewish main characters who are modern orthodox or conservative? Like they still go on crazy adventures and are normal protagonists but they also keep many jewish traditions like Shabbat, kosher or even just any holiday that’s not Chanukah (nothing wrong with Chanukah. It’s just usually in shows so they can compare it with Christmas).

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