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Are there any Conservative rabbis on this subreddit? What is Conservative Halacha regarding vows and oaths?

According to Orthodox Judaism, merely saying “I will do…” or “I will not do…” may qualify as an oath. Yet, nullifying a vow or an oath is extremely difficult (may even be next to impossible, depending on a content).

Is Conservative Judaism similar in this regard? I am asking because I could not find any Conservative Jewish source about vows or oaths. Also, I cannot find the Conservative rabbi to discuss it. In particular, I’m interested what does Conservative Judaism have to say about the following:

  1. Does saying “I will do…” or “I will not do…” qualify as an oath?
  2. What is the exact wording of a vow and an oath, according to Conservative Halacha? Is it essential to use the Divine Name for it to be considered a vow or an oath?
  3. Does making a vow or an oath in a dream count as making an actual vow or an oath? If so, would it require a panel of ten men to nullify it?
  4. I think I may suffer from OCD. Sometimes, I find myself talking to myself without even noticing it. I might have accidentally make an oath or even a vow recently but I cannot remember for sure. Would it still count as making a valid oath or a vow according to Conservative Halacha? Would I require to nullify it?
  5. Is there a law in Conservative Judaism that doing a deed three consecutive times in a row regarded as a vow? If so, how to get released from it?
  6. Does thinking about giving charity count as an actual vow in Conservative Judaism as well?
  7. Would Kol Nidrei nullify any vows and oaths? If yes, does it apply to both past and future vows and oaths?

If possible, can you please provide any Conservative Jewish sources regarding the topic? Given that it is such a serious topic, I’m kinda surprised there aren’t any articles written by Conservative Halachic authorities about it available online.

Also, just in case, does anyone know the Conservative Beth Din in NY?

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