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Are there any Aramaic speaking Jews left out there?

Does anyone speak (or have relatives that speak) Aramaic? I don’t mean Arabic, or even the Assyrian dialect. My father, grandparents and generations before would speak Aramaic to eachother and it was their mother tongue in their households growing up. We’re Mizrahi Jews who have history in Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, now living in Britain.

Unfortunately my generation were not taught it, so I think it’s gonna be a truly dead language soon, loads of people already think it is.

I was curious if there are any other Jews out there that are aware of what I’m talking about? What dialect it could be? My Grandfather just called it Aramaic and didn’t give a toss what dialect (maybe because he thought his was the real orginal one or smth lol).

My cousin brought it up in Hebrew School and the teacher kept insisting she was mistaken and must of meant Arabic, got a shock when my Aunt confirmed it and demonstrated it to her.

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