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Are the villains for my fantasy story antisemitic?

Are the villains for my fantasy story antisemitic?

I want to ask if there are any antisemitic implications to a villain in my fantasy story.

Zelda Blackwood is a principal at the protagonist’s High School, but in reality she is a fairy disguised as a human to spy on the human world and make sure the Big Bad, an evil goddess trapped in the fairy realm can escape and invade the human world.

In human form Zelda appears as a prim and proper older woman with a roman nose, but her true form has green skin, horns and a pair of wings with black feathers, she also wears a slashed purple dress. She has “witch-like” powers and abilities like brewing potions and fights by casting spells.

There are a lot of villainous fairies who are disguised as humans and trying to bring back the evil goddess who will invade and overtake the world from humans, they have also kidnapped humans and taken them to the fairy realm where they’re kept unconscious and their dreams are used to fuel their magitech technology.

To give some background, my design and idea for Zelda Blackwood is based on Walter Strickler, a villain from the netflix cartoon Trollhunters.

Strickler from Trollhunters

Another important thing I need to mention is that Zelda and most of her siblings are meant to be sympathetic villains, who are acting out of a sense of duty to their parent and truly to care for each other as family.

I want to ask if my ideas for my villains invoke antisemitic stereotypes including the blood libel, and if so what can I change to make it less offensive?

Notes: I described Zelda’s appearance because I’ve drawn illustrations for the characters. I also chose the name “Zelda” because it means “grey fighting maiden”, which I think fits her a lot. There’s also a Zelda in Sabrina the teenage witch.

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