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Are the Chabad prayer cards with Schneerson Avodah Zarah?

Long story short, my brother and his wife are involved with Chabad. I am not. We went to a Rabbi’s home for a Seder and he had huge pictures/paintings of Schneerson, which creeped me out. I mean I understand having someone to look up to is great, but having huge portraits of a stranger in your home instead of family and friends just seemed strange.

Fast forward, my brother clipped a Chabad prayer card onto my nephew’s stroller. On one side is a travel prayer and on the other is the Schneerson picture. I can’t read Hebrew and don’t know if it says anything questionable but the combination makes me uncomfortable.

I don’t know if I am overreacting. I just don’t want my family involved in AZ without knowing. I also don’t want to criticize my brother’s families practices just because I am uncomfortable with them.

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