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Are Rosh HaShana resolutions a ‘thing’ in Jewish tradition?

Personally I’m ‘into’ the Hebrew year and try to integrate it into my life as far as possible.

I celebrate my Hebrew birthday rather than my Gregorian one. Try to remember what date it is on the Hebrew vs. Gregorian calendar. I have a weird plugin running on my WP site that sets the data format to the Hebrew calendar!

For that reason, I think of Rosh HaShanah as not only a religious holiday but also … a new year.

In the secular domain, we’re accustomed to hearing about setting resolutions around the new year. And so every year I try to do that. So this Shabbat I’ll probably be doing some thinking along those lines: what have I achieved since last RH? What do I hope to achieve over the next year?

Out of curiosity:

a) Anybody else?

b) Is there any background or basis for this kind of thing in Jewish tradition?

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