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Are prophets considered perfect by Jews?

I was raised as a Muslim and am trying to learn more about Judaism and Christianity.

Growing up, an issue I struggled with was the inconsistency between the idea that 1.) Prophets were human. 2.) Humans are not perfect. And yet 3.) Prophets, especially Muhammad, were considered to be perfect and chosen for prophethood because they were perfect.

I’ve found a lot of information about the topic regarding Christian viewpoints, but it’s hard to find information about it when I try to learn how Judaism teaches about prophets.

Is it taught that prophets were perfect? If so, doesn’t that conflict with the idea that humans are flawed? If there are teachings that prophets were perfect, doesn’t that almost put them on the same level as god?

Thank you for your time and if anybody has good links to info for this, I’d appreciate it! My google searches haven’t been very successful.

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