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are orthodox jews in exile?

Hello! Firstly, I am not Jewish by ethnicity nor do I follow the religion Judaism. Im actually a muslim and have some/minimal knowledge about judaism as a religion through that but don’t know significant details outside of the broad foundation.

I recently came across videos and tweets Rabbis who are Orthodox Jews (i think). For context the men were dressed pretty modestly, had beards, and hats. Not linking the info because I don’t want them to receive hate, but they were basically advocating against the ideology of zionism and the govt of the state of israel. One of the things they mentioned was that “the basics of jewish belief teaches that jews are in a divinely decreed exile; They’re forbidden from creating a sovereignty”. Many other Orthodox Jews seem to have similar/same beliefs based on content i’ve come across.

I had never heard this before and I was curious about this belief. Is this true within Orthodox Judaism? If so, what is the history behind this belief, why are the jews in a divine exile? How are Orthodox Jews different from other types of Jews? Additionally many in the comments were calling them “self-hating jews” so please refrain from that language or arguing about zionism as I purely ask this question for educational purposes. Thanks!

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