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Are Grammar Nazis real Nazis?

Hello, first off, sorry Jewish people for the post, I’m guessing it must get tiresome to always see your religion matched to its most horrible moments.

Long story short, a girl on reddit called out another for using the term Feminazi, saying it’s disrespectful to the Jewish people who died during the holocaust. To that I argued that the word Nazi is frequently used without being linked to it’s historical meaning I.E : My boss is such a nazi ! OMG I’m such a grammar nazi ! and such (and such). Hell they even called the president of the U.S Nazi (he really wasn’t though some of his crowd is). The lady of course proceeded to tell me how offensive and antisemitic I was.
Now I would like to ask the Jewish people of reddit if you find that these uses of the word Nazi feel antisemitic to you?
Hope I can get a better understanding of the matter than by discussing it with a random stranger that may or may not be concerned. Thanks in advance for your answers, and maybe we can have a vote or something? Upvote for not-antisemitic, downvote for antisemitic, and details in the comments (I really don’t know if that’s a thing on reddit)

Boker tov

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