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Are goetia and alchimini forms of Practical Kabbalah? Are they even Jewish?

I’ve been doing a lot of research into ancient magical practices for an elective I’m teaching at my synagogue. I’ve found Merkhabah, Sefer Yadeh, Golemancy, and a few other uses of Practical Kabbalah, but the ones that stump me are the ones outlined in descriptions of The Lesser Key of Solomon and The Lesser Key of Moses, namely communing with sheidim (non-angelic spirits, often mistranslated as demons) and alchemy.

However I’m not actually sure if these are Jewish practices or Christian practices ascribed to figures from the Tanakh, like how christians modified the metaphysical concept of Sheol into Heaven and Hell. Before I buy copies of these texts for my synagogue’s library, I’d like to know for certain that they belong there.

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