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Appreciation post/sharing my story a bit

I’m a 23 year old woman, I was supposed to have my mikveh in like 2 months (Conservative). Due to a plethora of factors I am now starting a conversion to Orthodox Judaism. If you peek at my comment history you will see I’m detrans ftm so I’ll mention it here, it definitely adds a weird layer to my journey. Because of that I feel the need to mention I DID NOT detransition in order to convert Orthodox, it just ended up this way. I’m attending a Modern Orthodox synagogue, the community is very welcoming to converts and conversion students, and the rabbi is so amazing and loves guiding people through the process.

I have many mixed feelings, mainly due to the fact that I am very observant already and feel like I’m starting over, if anyone has advice about dealing with these feelings I’d love to hear it!! I’ve read a lot of things on here about people in a similar situation or people who finished multiple conversions, and wanted to share my experience. I appreciate anyone who has shared their perspectives related to this, it has helped me so much. If anyone wants to be friends let me know, especially if you’re also in the southern U.S. Much love.

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