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Appreciate and show thanks to G-d for his creation

I just woke up from a crazy dream. It was in my mom’s house with my sister and dog. The dreams hard to explain but in it I had felt an overwhelming appreciation towards my mom, sister and dog. Towards the end of the dream I thought about the Holocaust and I was afraid that something like that would happen again… i don’t really have a good relationship with either my mom or sister, and the dog in the dream has been dead for a couple of years. It’s weird that I had this dream, but I’m glad that I did because it woke me up (literally and metaphorically lol). There’s a lot of crazy things and I know that it can be hard. Just remember to try to show love and appreciation for G-d’s creation. We’re blessed to be here today. The thought that something like the Holocaust could happen seems foreign and bizarre, and the whole thing absolutely disgusts me, but we made it this far, and so we must show gratitude.

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