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Appointment With Rabbi About Converting. What Should I Prepare For?

So a lot of people told me to speak with a rabbi about converting before I do anything else. I will be speaking with a rabbi on Tuesday to talk to him about the steps and what I should know about converting. I’m just nervous. What kind of questions will he ask? What should I ask? I also heard people say you shouldn’t talk to a rabbi unless you got some knowlage first and are ready to convert 1000%.

Another reason why I’m nervous. This time last year I decided to work in a Jewish preschool (because I wanted to convert and get familiar with the culture ). My job did not work out and I had to report some abuse going on in a high end powerful Jewish preschool. They did not like me after that and made it hard for me to find a job. They even toldsurrounding preschools (Jewish and non-Jewish) about me. I know they are lying about me but they are powerful in the Jewish community and people would believe them over me.

I’m afraid they told every Jewish temple in my area lies about me. I can’t go out of town to convert. Idk my old bosses made it hard for me to find another job and lied about me. What if they blacklisted me in the Jewish community? I hope this makes sense. Please don’t be harsh on my worries, I know they seem silly.

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