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Anyone’s family have holocaust history and share this:

Apparently my dad’s dad, who fled Poland from Hitler and then, became a soldier for the US and fought.


My dad said, his dad never talked to him about the holocaust really, he just put it together along with comments his family made but never talked about it and he learned about it in Jewish youth groups he was in.

Sounds so heartbreaking.

The full story is even sadder. Beyond painful to hear him talking about it.

Wonder if anyone shares a similar story.

He said also his grandparents only spoke Yiddish, which… seems impossible. I thought to speak Yiddish you have to also speak Polish and Russian German etc. maybe not? When I said this, my dad said, “well, back then there were a lot of Jews” 😭😭😭

I met them but they were working poor and died fairly young, I was just a kid. Wish they had lived longer to get to know them better.

Anyone have similar story?

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