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Anyone work in the film industry?

I’m still in the process of an orthodox conversion, and I’ve Shomer for about a year. For the most part have been able to navigate not working on Shabbat and Yomim Tovim fairly well, though I have definitely lost work or had to give up opportunities on occasion if there was no flexibility. I own my own production company so I can easily schedule client projects around my religious obligations, but most of my income still comes from mainstream tv/film productions that I freelance on. For reference I’m a Cinematographer/Camera Op mostly (though I sometimes pick up gigs in other departments). My go to trick is to agree to longer productions (5 or more days) and then have replacement lined up for Fridays so when I go to the production manager I already have a solution for the days I can’t work. Though I’m sure this also leads them to not hire me for future shoots if they know in advance that I can’t work Fridays/Saturdays. Anyone else work in the industry? Have any tips for keeping Shabbat and still getting enough work to advance your career?

On a separate note, I also tend to bring my own food instead of informing the production of my dietary restrictions when asked — I usually figure kosher is so expensive that they aren’t going to order special for one crew member only. Any thoughts on this??


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