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Anyone with an extra mezuzah scroll? Is using my tzedaka money to buy one accessible?

Hello, I wanted to set up a mezuzah in my home, I live far away from any Chabad Center, and I am currently a pretty poor student, it may change in the future Baruch HaShem.

Someone gave very kindly a mezuzah and the case to me (I just bought the transport) sadly the scroll was not kosher, it is basic paper.

I therefore need a scroll, but I currently lack the financial mean to order again.

I am struggling financially but I want to put up my mezuzah I waited for 3 months.

I could take my tzedaka money to buy one, is it okay? I would rather not do it if possible.

If someone has a mezuzah scroll over, I would love to put it to use. I can pay for the transport.

Thanks in advance.

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