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Anyone other Jews get that they look “Eastern European”?

I’m Ashkenazi Jewish from Ukraine and Russia. My mom is 100% Ashkenazi and my dad is 75% Ashkenazi Jewish and 25% Ukrainian.

A lot of people tell me I look Eastern European and my mom gets it too. I’ll be honest in that I don’t like Jewish at all. I have extremely pale skin and freckles, dark brown hair, a sort-of bulbous nose, thick eyebrows (and pretty hairy to the point where I can grow a unibrow), and green eyes.

I’ve never met, really, any Jews who look like me other than my mother and father. Although I’ve seen Jews online who do kinda look like they could be in my position in looking “Eastern European”.

Also by Eastern European, I’m referring to countries like Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, and Russia.

I’m genuinely curious if there’s anybody else like me.

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