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Anyone of Sephardim or Iberian heritage, do you practice Judaism or are you Catholic? Do you hide your Jewish heritage or do you embrace it? Would you ever considering returning to or living in Spain or Portugal?

Since the 1492 Decree and expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula was a fundamental event that left behind a significant part of historical and cultural heritage that is overlooked today, and subsequent generations at times ended up being forced to embrace Catholic Christianity and had to hide anything about their Jewish past and abandon Judaism. In more recent times, Spain and Portugal will now offer citizenship to those whose descendants were expelled from the region back in those days. Now some people may romanticize their family background and may want to move there because it was their home while others don’t want anything to do with Spain and Portugal and their history and are perfectly fine with living in Israel. Despite the outreach and goodwill from the government of Spain and Portugal, very few Sephardim have taken up the offer and moved there and have opted for Israel or the United States. But I want to hear from those of Sephardim heritage: would you personally take the offer of Spain and Portugal or would you reject it? Do you still embrace Judaism or do you hide your background and have instead embraced Catholicism?

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