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Anyone know what song he’s singing?

In the 1990s there was a TV show on CBS called “Brooklyn Bridge” which was a semi-autobiographical work from Gary David Goldberg talking about his growing up in 1950s Brooklyn. It was sort of done in a similar vein to “The Goldbergs” except it had more drama elements. One of the episodes of “Brooklyn Bridge” has the last member of the grandmother’s family finally arriving in New York after having travelled through various countries…and having survived Treblinka. When he arrives and meets the family he sings this song meeting the mother of the two boys…I can’t tell if it’s Yiddish, Polish, or Hebrew (i’m thinking Yiddish) that he’s singing as he dances over to the mother. Can anyone identify the song? I have a link posted below that is a video and is cued to the song in question.

Brooklyn Bridge 2×06- The Last Immigrant

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