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Anyone have any advice with talking to a BHI member?

Me and my friends had a ticking time bomb in our discord server. We often use the server to just hang out and organize when we want to play some online games together. Someone invited someone they met online. Turned out he was a Black Hebrew Israelite.

I probably made a mistake. Me and several other people decided that we were OK with him being in, as long as he didn’t actually start getting hateful. And in truth he was generally a pretty nice guy. We’d game with him and talk with him about life.

Well today, the bomb went off. Probably as a result of the current celebrities getting antisemitic, he dropped an antisemitic post in our discord today. Everyone was caught off guard and someone else promptly banned him.

The issue is that yeah, he believes in super antisemitic stuff, but he never showed it when talking to me (a jew). He was honestly a nice guy with that big exception. I just feel he’s caught up in a super hateful ideology. And since it’s risen to the surface, I kinda want to try and get him out. Anyone have any advice?

TLDR: Guy I would hang out with is a Black Hebrew Israelites. Dropped some hard antisemitism in support of his ideology. I (a jew) want to try and get him out

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