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Anyone gone from dating in a secular way to more tzniut/s?

Forgive me if my phrasing is off, I wasn’t brought up with much learning beyond having a bat mitzvah.

I’ve been looking hard at my choices in this regard – two serious relationships ended, plenty of shorter flings – not a lot of happiness resulting from any.

I’ve decided never again to make myself less to fit what some random man wants from me.

I’ve realised most of these encounters have left me feeling sad and violated at worst, distracted from what matters to me at best.

So maybe – maybe the more observant approach is good? Maybe physical intimacy is best left til the intentions of a relationship are properly established? Maybe there are parts of myself (physical and emotional) that I can keep private, not because I’m told to, but because I’m doing what’s best for myself?

I don’t mean I’d jump into following lists of rules, which tbh are pretty foreign to me.

But has anyone come from a mostly secular background and ended up in a more considered approach, informed to some extent by an interest in more learning/observance?

*I am months off wanting or being able to consider a relationship, I’m just thinking

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