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Anyone from the SF Bay Area?

Hey guys – I’m a woman in her 20s who’s going to move to the Bay Area in a few months and am hoping to make some Jewish friends and perhaps meet a nice Jewish boy (the selection is extremely limited where I currently live). Apparently the Bay Area has a large Jewish community made up of a bunch of smaller communities, but I’m unsure of where to find them, how to join, and which one(s) would be best for me.

Something to note, as I’m in a strange situation that might affect how I may (or may not) fit in to a community, or find friends/a boyfriend:

I consider myself Jewish. However, although my ethnicity is mostly Jewish, my direct maternal line is not – this leaves me at an awkward position considering that many wouldn’t consider me a “real Jew.” This problem is partially what drove me away from Judaism and ended up an atheist, so I am not looking for any synagogues, let alone communities that have a strong religious affiliation. That said, most of the family I’m close with is in Israel and my parents grew up there, so I visit Israel often and am very familiar with Israeli culture as well as celebrate Jewish holidays + have Shabbat dinners every now and again. This ethnic/cultural piece alone is a part of me that I really want to resonate with someone else, and hopefully someone who will not only be understanding, but consider me Jewish as I do myself.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help 🙂

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