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Anyone else not “visibly Jewish” and witness their peers’ casual anti-semitism.

So I’m still converting and am not yet wearing a kippa or other Jewish symbols out of respect for the process. While I have been mistaken for for a Middle Easterner, I only occasionally get that I look like what most westerners believe is the stereotypical Jewish phenotype.

I say all this because most people I interact with aren’t immediately aware of my connection to Judaism until I say so. Which is fine, until certain topics ae brought up.

For example, some Muslim friends who were also Latino like me and aware of my connections so happened to introduce me to a group of their friends that needed help with a radio show, so since I have minor media experience and thought of them as extended friends, I said ok.

It did not take long before I overheard troublesome beliefs about Israel such as it being a “white supremacist apartheid state.” I’m open to free speech, criticisms of government, and opinions but I couldn’t help myself but chime in that the state is 60 % mizrahi and it is extremely disrespectful to compare a nation founded by Shoah survivors to that of one that embodies the ideology that tried destroying them.

Some months pass and a different yet related group of people then went on about orthodox families and cited false statistics of STDs and marital affairs with sex workers with almost no prompting . I immediately popped off and demanded to know why they’d think I’d stay silent about racism regardless of who they believed I was or wasn’t only for everyone to turn on me and treat the perpetrators like victims.

I no longer have anything to do with these people and have made clear that they’ve made an enemy of me. While I haven’t experienced anything to that degree, I’m wondering if anyone in a similar position as me has been in the same kind of situation?

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