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Anyone else feeling frustrated by "Jewish supremacism"?


This is a vent more than anything else. I’m also talking about a minority within a minority. Final note: I’m Jewish (albeit not totally observant and posting on Shabbat).

There is a minority within Judaism – and not an unnoticeable one – that seems to take the “chosen people” messaging to mean “Jews and anything connected to Judaism – such as Israel – are inherently superior to non Jews.”

I’ve encountered this sentiment at places such as shiurim and Shabbat tables whenever the “genius” of Jewish thinking is emphasised – especially when it is contrasted with the” backwardness” of other cultures.

I’m trying to steer clear of politics but notice this discourse emphasised particularly around the context of certain parts of the world. The two beliefs (a superiority complex, an insistence on the infallibility of a certain country) seem to go together like… Milk and honey.

It challenges some of my principles that I’m sure are shared by many:

1 – The “chosen” people thing refers to our obligation to carry out the mitzvot and although it seems paradoxical does not imply any superiority over other races

2 – General belief in the equality of humankind

3 – Humility as a core Jewish virtue.

Does anyone else feel that a massively overinflated national ego has become sort of… a not insignificant dynamic on the Jewish world?

Or often feel isolated and silenced for daring to think, or say, that Jews and Israel are flawed people, and countries, like any other?

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