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Anybody in NYC (preferably upper Manhattan) willing to take me to temple with them?

Weird question I know, and maybe this is the wrong place and it’s a bit of a stretch. Over the past year I’ve been growing closer and closer to Judaism as a religion but I’ve never actually been to any Jewish religious ceremonies. My grandmother was born Jewish but converted to Christianity so I never was familiar with Jewish religious practices just some of the cultural aspects and I don’t want to do anything wrong or offensive. I moved to NYC a couple months ago and I figured if I was going to start going then this would be the time and place. I live in Washington Heights which has a sizable Jewish community (though nothing compared to Brooklyn) but I am willing to travel. I want to so go badly but I would feel extremely out of place and I just am wondering if there’s anybody on here who would be willing to take me with them. I’m not particular on which denomination you are (I’m fairly left leaning but not fanatically so) reform to modern orthodox range are probably my comfort zone. Feel free to message me if you’re interested ☺️. (21M if you care about that kind of thing)

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