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Any ultra Orthodox Jews have a Christmas tree at home?

The infamous Pew survey of a decade ago or so said that 1% of ultra Orthodox Jews have a Christmas tree. I’m well aware of the flaws of the study and that it’s based entirely on self ID, but curious about the number. I know many ultra Orthodox Jews and grew up in a neighborhood with a huge population of ultra Orthodox Jews. I’ve never met one who had a Christmas tree at their personal residence & I’ve asked friends for years too and am yet to find one who does. I do know ultra Orthodox Jews who live in an apartment or housing development where the landlord has put up a tree. Or work in places where the company has a tree. I even know some ultra Orthodox Jews who are business owners and put up a tree at their business. Does anyone know a hareidi/Hassidic/other ultra Orthodox person who has a tree at their personal residence? If so, do you know why?

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