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Any tips for Conversion?

I’m half Jewish ethnically… But it’s on my dads side. I wasn’t raised with Judaism very much, only very minimally. However I’ve been going to Shabbat services in a Reform synagogue for a while and she and I finally discussed conversion. She supports it wholeheartedly and in three weeks I’m going to start taking studies with her and one other convert over Zoom. Is there anything to keep in mind while converting that doesn’t come up much or things I should do? My Rabbi has given me some basic stuff but anything is appreciated.

Extra Info cause I forgot: My father is fully Ashkenazi Jewish. However he gave up his faith when he married my mother who is Catholic and stopped practicing or going to temple. Most of my exposure to the Faith was through my grandparents, who are very religious and are also Reform. I started going to services because I was struggling with my faith despite believing, and things began to click.

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