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Any Suggestions for Travel Size Gemara with Meforshim?

So I completed Talmud Bavli last Sunday (daf yomi…obvi). I used ArtScroll for the entire thing. This time around I’d like to use a regular Gemara. I figure I went to yeshiva for a number of years, I should at least TRY to do it with regular gemara, using Rashi and other Mefarshim to understand what’s going on.

Since I know myself, I know I will “cheat” and use the ArtScroll translation and footnotes more often if I use the “regular” side. With a regular Gemara I will be forced to look a bit harder for the answer before turning to ArtScroll.

When I was in Yeshiva I used the maroon Oz Vehadar. (Oz Vehadar used to have 3 types of sets, that were color coded. Red has everything under the sun, maroon (no longer in print) had what a regular gemara has, and the blue has only Marshah. I’m looking for a travel size Gemara (about the same size as the ArtScroll Daf Yomi edition) that has the usual mefarshim – Rosh, Marshah, Rif, etc. without all the extras. I would prefer a printing that has the pasukim on the page, so that I can see the whole pasuk; helps with context.

I know there are travel sets from Oz Vehadar and Vilna Shas Chadosh (peninim set), but they have NO mefarshim in the back. To me, if I’m going “regular” I’d like to have Marshah, along with a few others at the very least!

Any suggestions are welcome!

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