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Any other diaspora Ashkenazi Jews identify with the Israeli concept of mazortim?

Hi everyone, curious if others have a similar sort of relationship to the religion as I do. I grew up reform/conservative, kept kosher or kosher style during periods throughout my youth, went to synagogue most weeks, went to secular schools, ect.

In college though I started attending chabad among other things pretty consistently. The rabbi was young and was just launching the house and I was around during his first summer there doing research where outside of that we studied mishna, gamora and Tanya a few days a week. From this I went to Orthodox shuls for shacharis on Mondays and Thursdays, but despite all this taking on an Orthodox lifestyle was not ever really in the cards for me. However I do feel perfectly comfortable within orthodoxy and I certainly do appreciate their approach to Judaism despite my more relaxed levels of observance.

Namely: I will make kiddush every Friday night, keep kosher (or at minimum kosher style/vegetarian out of the home), I have a mezuzah on my doors, will wear a kippah on shabbat and yom tovim.

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