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Any NYC Breslovers with memories of summer visits to hot springs in Colorado in the 1960s-90s?

tl;dr we know a group of Hasidim used to come to our local hot springs resort in north-central Colorado for summers from the 1960s – 90s, but we haven’t found out what group it was. Now we believe it might have been Breslovers. It would be cool to get in touch.

We know a group of Hasids used to come and rent our local hot springs resort (calling it a ‘resort’ is generous, but that’s what they call it) for summers from the 1960s to the 90s. We aren’t sure exactly what years, but we know that it was for multiple decades. They’d use all the cabins, and maybe an associated motel. They’d set up an eruv, kasher what they could and tinfoil the rest. They brought their own Torah and other supplies. When the resort changed hands in the 90s the new owners decided it wasn’t financially sound to reserve the hot springs for one group all summer, so they dropped the relationship (antisemitism maybe also played a part, as we can see from letters to the editor and other comments from that time, but maximizing profits is understandable on its own).

Up until today, that’s what we knew for sure. Some locals vaguely remembered the men having payot, but we weren’t sure if that was accurate or just misremembering based on what they think us Hebrews looks like, and applying payot retroactively because of visual stereotypes.

Today I was talking with someone who said she remembers them wearing ‘white cotton caps,’ and she mimed a kippah. I dug deeper, tried to clarify her memory, and through different pictures and descriptions I narrowed the options to Nachman kippot.

So, a shot in the dark: are there any Breslov Hasidim who might have anything to share?

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