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Any insight into Machon Shlomo vs. Machon Yaakov vs. Aish HaTorah?

I’m a 25 year old Traditional Jewish guy soon-to-be law student this fall. I’m in the midst of a Baal teshuva phase and I’m looking to see if I can gain a greater baseline of orthodox Jewish education before I start school.

I have very basic orthodox Jewish knowledge and early education and most of my friends are modox. I also learn on my own and with a chavrusa when I can. That being said, still tons of basics for me to learn.

Preferably, I’d learn for maybe 3-4 weeks (or 2 months) max before late August as that is all the time I have.

I’m considering three yeshivas: Machon Shlomo, Machon Yaakov, and Aish HaTorah.

I understand the first two are very similar, though not quite sure the differences.

I’d like to know: does anyone here have advice, insight into each of these programs and which would be the best to choose from given my background and goals? Cost is important to me as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

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