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Any good book recommendations about the history of antisemitism?

In a rarity of late, one of my non-Jewish friends reached out to me to ask about the history of antisemitism and admitted she had gone looking for books on the subject to no avail. This struck a chord with me for a few reasons.

As I alluded to before, the outpouring of support from my gentile friends for the horrifying things happening to Jews currently has been lackluster, to put it mildly. It has never been more evident that antisemitism is simply not a priority for many people who claim themselves to be advocates or allies. But her gesture, even if it feels like a flash in the pan, has been very touching and a reminder that we have to focus on the people who really do show up for us. Similarly, it made me contemplate my own understanding of Jewish oppression throughout history, and while I would consider myself to be fairly versed on the many ways society denigrates and vilifies Jews, it is far from a comprehensive understanding.

To put a verbose, navel-gazing post short: Any good book recommendations on this subject?

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