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Any Bukharians here?

Are there any other Bukharian Jews here? I don’t mean this with any disrespect and I know we’re not exactly the largest jewish group but it feels like there’s none on Reddit apart from the comedian Natan Badalov posting a tiktok on here or Jews that found out later in life that they’ve got bukharian ancestry, so they spell it the way historians do (“Bukharan.”)

If there are, what’s up? Feel free to share how it’s affected you growing up.

Are you from New York or Israel or somewhere else? What city are your parents from and when did they leave their country? Mine are from Dushanbe and Tashkent.

How did it effect your education? Did/do you feel pressure to obtain an education that allows you to finish as soon as possible to start working in order to get married young because that’s what your family expects?

Speaking of which, how’s the pressure with dating treated/been treating you? In my experience, with my family and friends it’s usually expected that you marry bukharian and the “hoondooly” are made fun of/encouraged to be avoided. How would you say the dating pressure differs between men and women? Do your parents care about what city a potential partner’s parents would be from?

In your community/neighborhood were bukharians the dominant Jewish group or were you in the minority or something like that?

How would you say making friends with bukharians has been? Do you feel that it tends to be easier because there’s always some sort of connection because of the cultural similarities? We tend to be a bit ethnically ambiguous but there’s always a sort of “Bukh-dar” as I like to call it. 😂

Do you speak Russian, Hebrew, Bukharian, Uzbek, Tajik, or any other languages our parents and grandparents spoke? Generally bukharians tend to be okay at speaking Russian with friends and family but not great at it. I’m more of an understanding better than I speak Russian kind of guy.

So yeah share anything else, non bukharians are also welcome to join the discussion if you’d like.

Edit: To make this more religious themed, how would you say religion played a role in your life? Were you religious, not, or somewhere in between? To what extent have you gone to practice it?

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