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Any advice?

To provide a little context, im a 16 year old guy with a Christain dad and a Jewish mom. My moms side of the family are all aware and proud of their connection to Judaism, and my grandparents are practicing and very involved in their religious community. I was raised celebrating Hanukkah and I celebrated passover once when I was a kid, but other than that i have had no real connection to my Jewish heritage other than through my grandparents. While I feel and would call myself Jewish as I understand you are considered Jewish if your mom is, this has led me to feel slightly estranged from my heritage. Over the past six months ive been feeling very drawn to learning more about this part of myself that I have all but neglected for the past 16 years. I really want to learn more about and understand Judaism itself, and I hope to reconnect with my families heritage. Can any of you guys offer me some advice on how to acomplish these goals?

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