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Any advice on connecting religiously in a very non Jewish area (uk)

So I’ve been raised culturally Jewish, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve wanted to learn more about the actual religious side of things, and start down the path of leading a more observant life style. But the UK is very much not Jewish outside of a few areas of London and up north, where I am not, and all my attempts to email and reach out to local congregations hasn’t worked.

I haven’t even got the first clue of what I could start doing to be more observant aside from curb the gossip and eat meatless as I can’t get kosher, and I’m even more confused by what my specific obligations would be as a woman vs a man’s.

If there’s any advice on how to reach out properly (not sure if my email attempts seem like a troll/spam, especially nowadays) or any good books or online resources for 101 and onwards, I’d really appreciate it.

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