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Any advice for starting a chevrusah for the first time? I have a partner (yay!), but I’d love some guidance as we’re leading it ourselves

Where should we start our learning, and how often do chevrutahs meet? What is typical/traditional? Also — does chevrutah refer to the two individuals, or the partnership?

My chevruta is modern orthodox, and I am part of the reform and conservative tradition. How do we bridge our respective knowledge gaps? (I think she knows more than me).

We don’t really know each other super well yet, so are there any sort of preemptive guidelines to be aware of?

Should we start with Torah, or Neviim or Ketuvim? Or do we do Talmud? What is traditional, and what would be a good in between point for two people with different Jewish backgrounds?

What has worked for you in the past? How have you found & created a successful study partnership? Any advice?

Thanks so much!!!

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