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Any advice for a Jew who’s brand new to Judaism?

Hi everyone, it’s great to be here. I’m (29/m) really feeling disconnected from my roots. I’m like 90% Ashkenazi Jewish but I feel very, very disconnected from my roots. Never went to Hebrew School. I actually became very, very spiritual over the years, but never got into Judaism. Honestly I know more about Christianity, Hinduism, and New Age spirituality than I do my own ancestry.

Does anyone have any suggestions for someone new to Judaism? Do I just show up at a synagogue one Sunday? Do Jews even congregate on Sunday, like Christians do? (As you can see, I know nothing.)

I remember there was the JCC, at least in NYC. Is that a good place to start? I know I could read about it, but I would love suggestions for more social avenues. As I’ve gotten older, I feel like I’ve gotten along more and more with people who happen to be Jewish.

For the record, I’m normally based in NYC (great Jewish population), but the next couple months I’m based in LA.

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