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Antisemitism: What does this mean

So I was on tiktok yesterday and I used to follow this person who talks a lot about antisemitism because they’re Jewish. As a Jew, I tend to care about that type of thing. But the other day they responded to a comment, that something like,

“If you wanna talk about antisemitism go tell Albert Einstein to ask his hussie”

Or it was something like that. I asked what that meant because, to me, that reads as absolute gibberish.

They told me it has something to do with “skaianet controversy”. Skaianet is some kind of Homestuck thing, I never got into Homestuck, so I have no clue and I googled “skaianet controversy” and it just took me to some kind of fan wiki about “Skaianet Systems Inc”. I asked them to explain, and they said, “You can read… why are you arguing.” And then they blocked me.

But I wasn’t arguing, I just genuinely don’t understand. What the hell does that comment even mean?

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