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Antisemitism/social media

Just got banned on FB for “bullying” after going off on someone spreading Nazi propaganda. To be fair, I was vicious in my response. I mean just really let em have it. But isn’t it funny that they go around claiming we control everything, including Facebook and social media, always whining they can’t say the Nazi crap they want to say… Yet they seem to be getting away with it every day, and when I call them out, I am the one that gets punished? I mean hers was just one in a sea of horrible antisemitic comments. They never get removed even after reporting. But I tell them to F off and I’m a “bully.” Lol

I had to delete TikTok because it was getting so bad. But now I can’t even visit one of the Jewish pages I follow on FB without seeing a flood of awful antisemitic stuff. It’s so bad for my mental health.

Anyone else just thoroughly exhausted? Social media cleanse it is, I guess. But it’s not fair. It’s sickening, actually.

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