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Antisemitism pushing me to re-connect with Judaism

Though I have always carried my Jewishness as part of my identity, it hasn’t played a big role for most of my life. I am married to a goy, we don’t keep kosher or observe holidays other than Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Passover, we do celebrate Christmas with a tree and gifts because it’s important to him, etc. We are child-free, so no dilemmas about how to raise children.

Recently, there have been widespread issues with antisemitism in my workplace. I am posting under a username created specifically for this post, and I am going to remain vague about the nature of the antisemitism because if anyone in my office found out I was posting on reddit about this, my job would be in jeopardy. The silver lining(?) is that this situation has reminded me, rather forcefully, that I am and always will be a Jew. I have begun translating my late grandparents’ post-WWII documents (and trying not to cry on a 75-year-old letter in German as Google translate informs me that the paper I’m holding is a letter from the Red Cross saying they can’t find any information on my grandfather’s brother). But now the question is “What does it mean to be a Jew, for me, for my life?”

I’m looking for books or other resources to help me on my journey. In my religious beliefs, I am agnostic. That’s not a result of ignorance; I had a pretty comprehensive religious education (went to a private Jewish day school for much of my childhood). I am finding it hard to describe what it is I am looking for, so I guess that itself is part of the question I’m looking to answer. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful.

Secondly, I’m looking for resources to help educate my husband. He has not been very supportive about my work situation. Instead, he seems to be trying to analyze it, and in some ways, to minimize it. As a white, cisgender, straight man, he doesn’t have much personal experience with discrimination. We have had a hard time talking about how I feel unsupported because of high emotions on both sides, but if I ask him to read some resources, I think that he will take the time to read them and to think about them.

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