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Antisemitism on my first Shabbat

My family are on the more secular side of Judaism but recently I’ve been interested in being more frum. I found a congregation I really liked and was all set to attend. I even bought a new Kippah for the occasion. I was genuinely thrilled for tonight.

On the walk there, I was wearing my Kippah. As I was a block away from the synagogue, someone drove by and screamed something at me. It didn’t register at first. They slowed the car, stuck their head out the window and repeated “Hey Jew, wanna cook?”. They sped off before I could say anything. A few bystanders saw but said nothing.

I was so demoralized by the incident I just lyfted home. Now I’m sitting in my apartment absolutely heartbroken and hurting bad. I was really excited for tonight and I feel like I got stomped on for trying to rediscover myself and my heritage.

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