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Antisemitism in my class

So, my class has always had some behavior that is a bit offensive, when talking about Judaism, i feel no one really takes the pain that a lot of people had to endure over the years very seriously. What really made me mad is how bad their mouth was on memorial Day. While someone shared a document that explained what happened to us in WW2, some other people glorified Hitler and Mussolini, sending swastikas and saying that the Mein Kampf is their Bible. I didn’t just feel horrible at the moment, i also felt not safe, what can be irony can degenerate so easily. We saw that. As the classes were over i quickly left the group and when the evening came i told my mother, who is Jewish, she gave me enough strength to write a message to send to the group, stating why i left and how “jokes” can really impact someone. Some people actually recognized i didn’t feel safe and really apologized. A few other people, though, didn’t really understand what i meant. One of them stated that it is with irony that this class bonds and these jokes help destroying taboos. They joke about other people’s culture too but they don’t make it personal, so why would I? Fact is, these type of jokes ain’t no joke anymore. they are very close to hate, and this is no good, as anyone and everyone should know. On top of that, it is easier to bond with respect by actually aknowledging that you hurt someone and you’re willing to not do that anymore than to keep going and leaving someone or more than someone behind. Monday I’ll talk with someone who can settle this down. At the moment, i don’t want no one to be suspended or anything, they may not even recognize their error. My mother suggested that some teacher would give a lesson explaining the problem and making sure no one does this crap anymore. Rn i feel really distressed, i want this to stop but at the same time i don’t want to be seen as the sensitive sucka who ruins the party. What would you do in this situation? I’d like some advice thank you.

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