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Antisemitism in Latin America

Honestly just sad – yet another place I once felt safe, felt connection, even loved, hates jews. Like really hates us.

Funny I almost became an immigration lawyer and have several friends who are – they specifically help Latin people seeking help in the US. All these friends doing this work are Jewish. If they knew then I wonder if they’d be doing it. Unfortunate.

This one hurts a lot more.

Sure I knew European people hated us, they killed us in droves. At least in their schools now they make a point of learning about it. But. Latin America?

Yes I knew about Nazis going to Argentina, Chile. But. It didn’t feel like a huge issue now throughout the entire region. I am so sad about it. I just wanted to share and hear others.

I’ve spent time in the area my whole life but have noticed a big shift in the last year especially. I didn’t want to see it but it’s there, wow. And online.

If we can’t talk about it we surely can’t change it.

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