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Antisemitism at yet another restaurant workplace

Today I was serving the head chef/owner’s family. I’ve served them before. At the beginning of their meal, the head bartender goes, “you know you’re serving Chef ____’s wife right?” Yes, I do. “She’s nice, but picky.” And he pulls me in close and whispers “she’s Jewish.” And I just froze. I’m angry. I should’ve said “the fuck does mean bro? I’m Jewish! Fuck you and fuck right off with that shit.” But I didn’t.

I told my managers and they told me to tell Chef. I didn’t want to, but I did. I knew that he’d blow me off since the head bartender is his boy (Chef brought him over after the last bev director was unceremoniously let go). And guess what! Chef blew me off, told me he wasn’t worried about it.

I told my managers that Chef blew me off, and despite the fact that I don’t always agree with them, they weren’t happy with it either. That bartender has a habit of making comments and jokes out of turn.

Here’s another example, he was joking with customers last week that a Mexican bartender was “illegal” and “didn’t know English.” I told my managers that him being this very straight, white dude, making jokes like this when he isn’t part of any kind of protected class pisses me off. My managers agreed (they’re both people of color and one of them is queer, so they get it).

I really, thoroughly dislike this guy. And I’m mad at myself or not calling him out when it happened.

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