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Antisemitic joke at NYE party.

So. One of my friends threw a little house party for our friend group for new years eve. One of my friends, let’s call her Kate, brought her new BF (let’s call him Brad) over to meet everyone.

Everything was going great, I really liked Brad and was happy for my friend! Most of us were tipsy at this point, and it was about an hour before midnight. I was sitting beside Brad on the couch, Kate was on the other side oh him. The topic of family holidays came up, Kate said something along the lines of , “Oh blossompxp doesn’t do Christmas, she’s jewish” to Brad. This man looked at me, booped my nose and said “Yeah, I figured”.

I’ll spare the whole story because I had some choice words for Brad. I ended up leaving and a friend who was sober took me home and we hung out there. I was borderline drunk when this happened; I can’t speak for Brad, but he was definitely a little more than tipsy.

Kate don’t understand why I’m so upset. She claims he was drunk and wasn’t making a comment about my nose, but I find that hard to believe with the statement he made and the fact that he touched my nose.

I can definitely get a little emotional while under the influence, but the fact that my friends who were at the party were also shocked/upset by this tells me i’m not overreacting. Im just so frustrated.

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