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Antisemitic author removed from largest Dutch webshop

Recently, a user here pointed to a book by a Jonas E Alexis entitled Zionism v. The West, which was basically just antisemitic conspiracy thinking. I looked Mr Alexis and found that he had authored a number of antisemitic books.

I contacted, the largest webshop (by far) in the Netherlands, by email and informed them about the antisemitic conspiracy theories that these books were spreading. It took a week or so, but since they have decided to remove all books from the author (two books slipped through the cracks but will be removed soon too).

This probably isn’t too significant given that, at least as of now, Mr Alexis does not appear to be a major figure among antisemites, and the webshop may be big here, but globally it’s not a major player. However, I figured I’d share to show that emailing about these kind of antisemitic books does work in combatting antisemitism.

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